Ask Ms. Sonya

I have taught Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop, and Ballet dance for over 20 years at dozens of dance studios along the West Coast. I have experienced hundreds of performances, conventions, competitions, auditions, dance studio recitals, workshops, master classes and concerts.  I have lots to share! Education, information and awareness are essential to a dance students growth and achievement, but I have proven time and time again that the key to success is also education of their parents.

Dance is as much an art as it is a sport. Which often means that it has it’s own rules, unspoken traditions and idiosyncrasies that can truly seem scary to parents and their dancers! Nothing is black and white in dance.  As a serious dance student one must apply the dedication of a serious athlete with the meticulous attention to detail of an artist.


“Behind the Scenes”
PDC 2010, © Contemporary Images

A mastery of the body and a keen ability to control and isolate even the smallest of muscles can be a giant challenge for a young dancer. Knowledge of how their bodies work, including how to stretch effectively and how proper nutrition will help those long rehearsals, is essential. Finding quality dance teachers can be a struggle. Knowing how to navigate the dance world to help young dancers achieve their goals is a challenge.


This site is my contribution to help the dance world that I love and continue to share those same gifts that dance brought to my life!

Performance "Celebration"

Performance “celebration” after a fantastic competition

Studying dance and performing on stage is truly what helped me gain the confidence to push myself past my shy and introverted teen years. Those that meet me today would never dream that I struggled with self-esteem and confidence as a pre-teen. I was lucky! I found my hobby, my favorite activity and my passion in life. I loved to dance. Not something that every teenager can say with enthusiasm. I know that I am lucky. I had great training, I worked hard and have been blessed with some amazing and inspirational dance teachers along my journey.  I had a studio that was a “home away from home.” Dance provided me with my first job at 15, teaching dance and working in the office at “the front desk.” Dance gave me the confidence to go after my dreams! Now it is my turn to give back..

Coaching the Junior BlazerDancers

“Backstage” with the Junior BlazerDancers, 2011

It has been my mission to help instill that same passion and inspiration in my students that I received from my dance training. Teaching beyond the sport of dance to include the art as well as those important life lessons that go beyond the technique!  Dedication and self-motivation.  Patience and perseverance. Hard work and determination.  Self-esteem and confidence. Team work and commitment. Goals and achievement. Humility and grace. The ability to push yourself beyond your goals and aspirations. Discipline. Passion. Dance teaches so many great life lessons that prepare dancers for success and achievement in their life.  Lessons that can translate into any career path they choose. Building confidence that can last a lifetime and teach our youth to reach for their dreams whatever that may be!

A little more about me…the official details!

Students at South Bay Dance Center

Students at South Bay Dance Center, 2013

Sonya earned her Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Dance from Santa Clara University. In addition, Sonya is also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Pilates and fitness instructor.  Sonya has developed a dance teaching methodology and dance training foundation that uses her expertise of the body and muscular system to help dancers train their bodies effectively, correctly and injury free!  Sonya spent ten glorious years in Portland OR, where she founded Pure Dance Company, a 501(c)(3) professional jazz and contemporary dance company. Sonya also co-coached the NBA TrailBlazer, Junior BlazerDancers, taught competitive dance teams at Elite Dance Studio and taught Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop, and Ballet dance at dozens of dance studios and with hundreds of competitive dance teams along the West Coast.  Highlights of her career include performing internationally at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland and teaching and performing at the Pasadena Dance Festival held at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium.  Sonya has recently moved back to the Bay Area.


Happy dancing,

Lets further the art of dance together… ASK MS. SONYA,  I want to help!

Sonya Jumping, Contemporary Images 2010

Sonya 2010 © Contemporary Images


The Amazing Alison
PDC 2010, © Contemporary Images

“Sweet Suburban Sky”
PDC 2010, © Contemporary Images


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