For Parents

Parents!  Here is a special place, just for you!

Are you lost in this world of dance, costumes, make-up and sparkling head pieces?  I don’t blame you.  All the unique rules, unspoken traditions and idiosyncrasies that you find in the dance world can be scary to parents and their dancers! Here is a collection of information to help you navigate your way and succeed as a parent of a dancer …and maybe inspire you along the way too!

Great Resources for Parents:
5 Considerations Before You Buy Ballet Shoes For Little Feet by Dance Advantage
The Correct Ballet Bun by Dance Advantage   
Dance Make-Up for Stage by Mode Dion
Requirements for Pointe by Gaynor Minden
What Are Convertible Tights, and Why Do I Need Them? by Amy Omernik

Interesting Articles Written for Parents:
Accentuate the Positive by Dance Advantage
Are you one of those dance moms? Today’s Parent Magazine
Dance Parent Survival Guide by Amy Omernik
Dance May Keep Kids From Eating Their Brains by Todd Chen
Should Parents Let Their Kids Quit an Activity? By WSJ, Laura Kreutzer
My child wants to dance …where do I start? By Katherine Moore of Dance Informa.

Articles Written by Dance Parents:

9 Things I Didn’t Realize Before Signing My Daughter Up for Dance Class By Joelle Wisler
How to be the Perfect Cheer Parent By: Shelby C. Elmore (Technically for Cheer but the translates to dance as well!)

Great Blogs Written by Dance Parents:

Pen on Pointe, A Dancing Mom’s Advice
My Dancing Boy
My Son Can Dance

Great Dance Themed Coloring Pages for Kids:


“My goal, as a dance teacher, is to teach the life lessons and skills that reach far beyond the dance steps and the technique.  Dedication and self-motivation.  Patience and perseverance. Hard work and determination.  Self-esteem and confidence. Team work and commitment. Goals and achievement. Humility and grace. The ability to push yourself beyond your goals and aspirations. Discipline. Passion. Dance teaches so many great life lessons that prepare dancers for success and achievement in their life and can translate into any career path they choose.”
~ Sonya



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