My 1st Flash Mob!

Enjoying our successful FLASH MOB!


A memorable morning and a busy week indeed!

I am proud to share that last week I was able to choreograph and dance in my first flash mob ever!

Our dance celebration surprised the crowd, including Portland’s Major, Sam Adams, who was gathered on the Portland State University campus to celebrate the nation’s first street dedicated solely to electric vehicles.  The grand event is the result of a partnership between the University, Portland General Electric, and the City of Portland and is an exciting event for Portland! Appropriately Electric Avenue was launched officially by more than 100 dancers grooving to Eddie Grant‘s, “Electric Avenue”!

Beyond the flash mob success,  I must share that I found some deep inspiration and thanks in the entire experience.



I realized that I have forgotten to be thankful.  I have forgotten how lucky I am to share the gift of dance.  In the weeks before the flash mob event,  I spend many hours teaching PGE employees the steps to our Flash Mob dance.  It was in those rehearsals that I was inspired.  I heard over and over how much those employees wanted to dance. They worked diligently to learn the choreography, practiced in the break room together and attended my regular practices.  It was magical to watch them enter the room: stressed, frazzled, doubtful… and see smiles gradually appear,  walls break down, stress release and positive energy begin to beam from the room!

I cherish the memories of the event, those individuals that lived a life dream to dance in a flash mob and all those great practices that lead up the big day. It was so wonderful to see so many PGE faces just beaming on “Electric Avenue”.  I loved that I could look around as I danced to see kids, moms, dads, students and PGE employees having the time of their life!  Smiles were everywhere…. a sense of accomplishment was beaming from their faces…we were all truly living!  This is my most cherished memory.

So I share this today as a little reminder… be thankful!   There is nothing more magical than the gift of dancing.  It can bring a smile to your face. It can brighten your day. It can lift your spirits… and it can also do that for others as well! We are fortunate for the opportunities to train, perform, have quality teachers and dance.  We must remember to say thanks and cherish our abilites.

We all need a little reminder from time to time. So here is yours.
Everyday that you can dance is a gift.

If you think I’m being cheesy?  Watch the video, I guarantee you will smile!

Today more than ever we need to dance. So put on your music and start dancing!  Brighten someone’s day and let’s make the world a happier place.

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
– William W. Purkey

Happy dancing!


Lets further the art of dance together… ASK MS. SONYA, I want to help!


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